Podcast Name: Freakonomics Radio

Host: Stephen Dubner

Guest(s): Keith Weed, Steve Tadelis, Tim Hwang, Steve Levitt

Episode: 441. Does Advertising actually work? (Part 2: Digital)

Have you ever wondered if the ads you see, while surfing along the internet superhighway influence your purchase decision? I know for certain from…

Podcast name: The Yes Theory Podcast

Hosts: Matt Dajer, Thomas Brag and Ammar Khandil

Guest: Anne Helen Peterson

Episode: The Problem with Productivity

We are almost at the end of the second month of the new year! It may no longer be the year 2020 but time does fly…

Podcast show: A bit of optimism with Simon Sinek

Host: Simon Sinek

Guest: Lenny Wong

Episode: Ethical fading with Lenny Wong

It was only recently that I had come across Simon Sinek through some of his videos on social media about his WHY and then, I watched his TED…

Podcast name: How I built this with Guy Raz

Hosts: Guy Raz

Guest: Luis van Ahn

Episode: reCAPTCHA and Duolingo: Luis von Ahn

If you have ever wondered how some of the biggest companies and brands that we see around us came to life, you are certainly not alone…

Podcast name: Trained by Nike

Host: Ryan Flaherty

Guest: Andy Puddicombe

Episode: Andy Puddicombe | Meditation in Times of Crisis

The brand name Nike is associated with performance, innovative technology, self-empowerment and inspiring among many other powerful characteristics. Our physical health is important for our well being but our…

Podcast name: Wild Wild Tech

Host(s): Jordan Erica Webber and Joshua Rivera

Guest: N/A

Episode: How did a fake restaurant become #1 on TripAdvisor

When it comes to technology, there is no doubt that it plays a vital role in improving our daily lives. There are products and services…

Podcast name: No stupid questions

Host: Angela Duckworth and Steven Dubner

Guest: N/A

Episode: How much of your life do you actually control

When it comes to behavioural psychology, there are so many interesting things one can learn by looking into past research carried out by academics and philosophers…

Podcast show: Reply All

Host(s): Alex Goldman, PJ Vogt and Damiano Marchetti

Guest: N/A

Episode: #102 Long Distance, #103 Long Distance, Part II & #164 The real Alex Martin

Scam calls have been commonplace since the dawn of modern-day communications. We have all been subjected to such…

Podcast show: Micromobility

Host: Oliver Bruce

Guest: Taco Carlier

Episode: 74: Vanmoof Again! — Talking S3/X3 with CEO Taco Carlier

Micromobility is the new and upcoming sub-segment of the wider transportation industry that aims to solve the problem of the first mile, last mile and short-distance transportation. It is…

Podcast name: Work life with Adam Grant

Host: Adam Grant

Guest: Esther Perel

Episode: Bonus: Relationships at Work with Esther Perel

Psychology as a subject has always fascinated me. To be able to make sense of the unexplainable feelings, thoughts and emotions are no less than a superpower. It…

Harsha Pallapotu

A podcast addict trying to capture insights and improve his writing in the process.

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